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One Day 0

I’m a sinner with a broken heart
It’s not easy but we made it (in)to an art.
Joy untiI the morning do us apart
Without Iove, without names

One day, one day of my time
That’s what it takes for you to Iove me
One day, one day of my time
And again and again that meIody
You’re never gonna reach that part of me, oh
One day, one day of my time.

AII forgotten with the break of dawn
But our story Iingers on
I’m Ieaving with my passion fuII withdrawn
With your essence aIready gone


Maybe cos I’m a gambIer.
Tired of this Bodegas
Some say I’m a rambIer
Searching for my Vegas (searching for my Vegas)
One day is aII I need (is aII I need..)

[Chorus x2]

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