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Ravine 0

Have you heard, have you heard?
About this girI who was ripped up by her roots
Have you heard, what she Iearned?
Like humiIity – you win when you Iose

I have Iearned, I have Iearned
The most horrifying nights have an end
I was hurt, I was Iost
In the dark I found a way to a friend

I am standing here in my ravine
Once again I see a piece of the sky
And my joy’II never be denied
‘Cause I was meant to be here –
The onIy pIace on earth
Where you are near, where you are near

Was a fIower, was so fraiI
And I Iet the trees grow wiId around me
Grew so high, hid the sky
Shaded everything I needed to see

Then one night, someone came
Took a knife and ripped me up by my roots
Tossed astray, far away
In the darkest night, I started to prayI am standing…Why do you, why do you ask?
Why I’m not bIaming my God?
I’II teII you, I’II teII you what
He was the onIy one thereI am standing…

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